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Galvanized Wire

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Galvanized wire is made of high quality low carbon steel rod processing, is made of high quality low carbon steel, after drawing molding, pickling rust removal, high temperature annealing, hot galvanized.Cooling and other processes from the process.

Galvanized wire is divided into hot galvanized wire and cold galvanized wire (electric galvanized wire)

Hot dip galvanizing is dipped in molten zinc, the production speed is fast, the coating is thick but uneven, the market allows the minimum thickness of 45 microns, up to 300 microns above.Dark color, zinc consumption metal, and the matrix metal formation of infiltration layer, good corrosion resistance, outdoor environment hot dip galvanizing can be maintained for decades.

Cold galvanizing (electric galvanizing) is in the electroplating tank through the unidirectional current to make zinc gradually plated on the metal surface, slow production speed, uniform coating, thin thickness, usually only 3-15 micron, bright appearance, poor corrosion resistance, generally a few months will rust.


•Type: hot dipped galvanized wire and electro galvanized Wire.

•The diameter: 0.20-9 mm.

•Zinc coat: 10-25 g/m2.

•Tensile strength: 40-85 kg/mm2.

•Cross-section: In most cases, a round cross section of galvanized wire, but it may be oval, square, hexagonal and trapezoidal cross-section.

•SWG10 (3.25 mm) Electro Galvanized Iron Wire, 12 kg/coil.

•SWG12 (2.64 mm) Electro Galvanized Iron Wire, 12 kg/coil.

•SWG14 (2.03 mm) Electro Galvanized Iron Wire, 12 kg/coil.

•SWG16 (1.63 mm) Electro Galvanized Iron Wire, 12 kg/coil.

•10 coils/bundle secured with 4 nos steel straps.

•Specs: Tensile strength 350 N/mm2 (Very soft, annealing for 9 hours).

Special specifications are also available

Features and application

1).  Tensile Strength:  350—680N

2).  Elongation: ≥17%

3).  Good corrosion resistance

4).  Reasonable price and reliable quality

Products are widely used in construction, handicrafts, weaving screen, highway fence, product packaging and daily civilian and other fields.

Galvanized annealed wire is made of high-quality iron wire,offers excellent flexibility and softness due to its oxygen free annealing process and comes in the form of coil wire or cut wire.Mostly used in construction or daily use as binding material.

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