PVC composite knitted cotton

PVC composite knitted cotton

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PVC house floor protect film

1.Water and oil proof
2.Beautifully printed
3.Environmentally friendly and tasteless.

Why use protective film for decoration?

 1.(Easily to clean )During the period of decoration, the fitters will go in and out constantly, and they will also carry some tools needed for decoration, such as cement slurry, and some rubbish will be generated during the decoration process, and this garbage is usually not immediately clean up, because when you clean up after a while there will be other garbage accumulation, if no ground protection measures, this will have a great impact on the clean ground;

 2.(Prevent paint from dripping) if the decoration is dripping mud or paint and other liquids, which is difficult to clean the floor tiles, mud and paint will be attached to the top is difficult to remove, can not remove, it will affect the beauty and tidiness of Tiles;

 3. (Maybe will broke  the floor)construction did not do good maintenance of goods, will give the follow-up construction and use of unnecessary trouble. Spent thousands or even tens of thousands of yuan to purchase the tiles, have not finished decoration was damaged in a bad way, although said that finishing will do fine cleaning work, but every owner to see such a bleak situation is not good.

 4.(Save money ) so when we decorate the best is to lay a layer of decoration ground protective film on the ground, to ensure dirt and ground

PVC composite knitted cotton

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