Woven fabric EVC film

Woven fabric EVC film

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China manufacture EVA foam composite woven cloth ground protection film is commonly used in the protection of decoration products, and it has the following four advantages:

(1) Waterproof: For example, wooden floors. Generally speaking, wooden floors are very worried about mildew caused by water. Workers will inevitably get some dust and water when decorating, but EVA is waterproof, so you can also Don’t worry about water flowing into the wooden floor through the membrane

(2) Super wear resistance: EVA material, strong flexibility, not easy to tear, not easy to leave scratches. Moreover, a professional moisture-proof product is placed on the protective film to prevent the floor from being damp, and it can be recycled.

(3) Buffer and shock absorption: Falling decoration debris can prevent and restore floor scratches. Our EVA ground protection film can play a buffer role during decoration, so that it will not cause scratches on the floor due to improper construction. A protective film is formed on the floor to prevent scratches. Generally speaking, ensure the beautiful and safe construction of the floor.

(4) Suction sand: There is some sand on the construction site, which will cause friction, which will cause scratches on the floor. Put a protective film on the ground. Workers walk around on it. Sand will be sucked into the surface. Customers generally don’t believe it. , But we can say loudly: our cotton is very soft, and its water and sand absorption effect is very good, while preventing the penetration of excess water, so it will not cause scratches on the floor

(5) Economical: Direct supply from manufacturers.

Woven fabric EVC film

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